OKDE-Spartakos for the general strike, 27.11.2014


Nationwide greek general strike on the 27th of November. We must use this strike as a turning point in order to escalate the worker’s resistance to the government’s and Troika’s new attacks upon them. We must turn this strike into a springboard of counterattack to take back all that has been stolen from the workers world during the last years of the memoranda  policies. This day of nationwide general strike, must be the start of the government’s and its undeniable class war against the working class, ostracism. And above all, we must utilize said strike, in order to construct a labor movement worthy of enforcing to every government its measures to suffice the workers needs and rights today.




The government Samaras-Venizelos is to set in motion new cruel measures against the workers when at the same time they promote the “success story” of their policy and they promise the working class the emersion out of the economic crisis. These measures include layoffs made free in the private sector and more layoffs in the public sector, privatization of public infrastructures and services, new salary reductions. Together with all the above, they also attack the right to fight and resist to such measures. With the new law concerning syndicalism/trade unionism, going on strike is to be made impossible, satisfying the request made from the capital, meaning the imposition of a true dictatorship at the working place.


The capitalists’ aggressiveness reveals the true content of the government’s success story. The ruling class has indeed succeeded on imposing the weight of the crisis onto the workers.  In that way the capital’s profits are preserved and augmented, even during the period of the economic crisis.


Yet during the last year we can still observe mobilizations that show that the spirit of resistance still lives in the labor movement. We can see that through the mobilizations against the function of the stores on Sunday, the fight of the Coca-Cola workers in order for the factory to work again, the strike on the public sector against the evaluations-layoffs, the unprompted strike against Cosco at the port of Pireus, the occupation and self-management of ERT-OPEN which continues, the try to self-manage BIOME, the fight at Skouries. Everything shows clearly that the fire lit during the period 2010-2012 hasn’t gone out, it still burns low and steady.


The need of all those movements for escalation and coordination cannot be met through the tactics of the syndicalistic leaderships. The fragmentary 24-hour strikes, that the leaderships decide under the pressure of the workers’ indignation are being used as a relief to said pressure without any real results when in the wrong hands. We must take the strikes  into our own hands, organize them from the base and through our general assemblies, and use them as fuel to light a movement beyond the control of the bureaucratic syndicalistic leaderships.


We need to build a radical front to overturn the attack against the workers and against the government that puts those measures in motion, a radical front which will fight to impose the workers needs and rights. We are in need of a laborers’ uprising and an organization of the fight anew that will include trade-unions and federations in the hands of the laborers, assembly democracy and radical strike committees. The base of the trade unions must be the coordinator. We do need a front and unity. We need to have assemblies and committees of the residents of each town and neighborhood in order for the people to achieve self-management, solidarity and self defense. We need to be disobedient against every try of consolidation of those unfair measures. The workers, the pensioners, the unemployed, the youth people, the farmers, the self-employed: we have to coordinate, to make a vast nationwide front, the counterweight  to the dictatorship of the banks and Troika.


That front cannot be created by SYRIZA who arraigns us to lower our fights and await for the elections when SYRIZA will govern. That front cannot be created by the Greek Communist Party that tells us that fighting is pointless for as long as itself is not in the lead.


Only a strong anticapitalist Left can aid the construction of the necessary united front of the workers. In order to build that front, OKDE-Spartakos and ANTARSYA invite each and every fighter of the movement to work together towards that aim.