SDH:Solidarity with Greek Proletariat and Revolutionaries!

Decleration of SDH, Turkey

EU imperialism makes laborers pay for the capitalist crisis with the help of Syriza. Syriza bend the knee before EU despite the NO of the Greek people to the EU’s balackmail. However, the Greek working class has a history of resistance against crisis, fascism, coup d’états, and imperialism will rise up once again! The masses on the streets while the parliament voting for the memorandum is the representatives of this hope.

Today, revolutionaries who fight for revolution which is the only solution for the Greek people is under attack. Syriza plans to halt radical class struggle with pressure. Thus, masses faced with a brutal police attack when on the street against the memorandum and blackmail of the imperialism.  Police had arrested about 50 and 15 still arrested.

Once again denounce that we the revolutionary Marxists in Turkey are in solidarity with Greece which is one of the most critical part of the world revolution. Any gain is a victory over capitalism. Any triumph or defeat will determine our common future.

Those who are against the austerity is no arrested. Two of  them are comrades from OKDE-Spartakos .

Stop pressure on the anti austerity demostrators!

Immediate release for all arrested demonstrators !

Make the bosses pay!

Long live internationalism!