P.B. of OKDE Spartakos for the election's result, 26/01/2015

In the elections of 25 of January the Government of memorandums and the parties that managed the crisis of Greek capitalism with during the period of austerity have suffered a great defeat. The factor that demolished the government of New-Democracy and Pasok, as well as the previous bourgeois governments of memorandum was the pressure of the movement of the working class, the youth and the oppressed. Despite the contradictions and the retractions, the strikes, the occupations, the demonstrations  and in general, the struggles of the last years bring a result, they can bring down governments and they are able to win. 

The instability of the regime of the political system, which came as a result of the crisis and the pressure of the movement was also a factor that made it possible for Syriza to come in power. The victory of a party that comes from the reformist left echoes the hopes of a vast part of the working class and the petit-bourgeois class to abolish the consequences of the crisis and austerity, hopes  though, that in a big part are invested in the logic of representation and not the vivid participation.


However, the government where Syriza has the main role, not only doesnt intend to object against the rules of capitalism, but also doesnt seem able to invert the austerity. The hatred against the government of ND-Pasok was enough for Syriza to win the elections, the leadership of Syriza tried to abolish the responsibility of older promises. Syriza was elected because of a minimum program of ‘‘salvation’’, to change ‘’what we can, not what we want to’’. The new government is one of class collaboration, not only because of the cooperation with the nationalist party of AnEl, but because of Syriza’s program. According to the words even of the new Prime Minister, they are a government of social salvation, not a government of the Left.  

The social-politic polarization left-wing against right-wing has reinforced the crisis of the centre, which marks the collapse of Pasok and Dimar.

The percentage of Golden Dawn reassures the forecast the the neo-nazi party has social roots in the petit-bourgeois layers of society that bankrupt but also in popular layers that turn to individualization. We can see though, a clear fall of Golden Dawn comparing to the elections for the European Parliament and also the National Elections of 2012. The mediocre percentages in regions where GD had achieved a former success, like the centre of Athens and mainly, the small presence in a street level show that the fascist current finds itself in retreat, and is not in position, for the time being, to spread terror. This is a huge chance for the antifascist movement to destroy GD once and for all from the roots, the reserve of capitalism, before it becomes able for the system to use it.

The 40.000 votes of Antarsya and, mainly the pro-election experience show that the anticapitalist left in Greece establishes a politically appreciable and socially present current, even if that does not show its real size in elections. It is a fact though, that the percentages of Antarsya in elections can not be characterized as successful. The electoral coalition with Mars is clear that did not gain electoral bonus. The damage of program retreat in serious matters, like the one of the worker’s power has not had electoral gains.  

In the forthcoming period, the anticapitalist and revolutionary left is obliged to explain that no right is not gained without harsh struggle. It is obliged to explain that there is no salvation for the workers without the rupture against the establishments of the interests of industrialists and bankers and without rupture against the institutions of the capitalist state.  It is obliged to be the opposition at the government of Syriza on the side of the worker’s rights. With dedication in the unity in the action of all the workers , but also the integrity of the anticapitalist program, without reductions and coalitions that undermine it, in the name of quick results and realism, Antarsya can play an extremely important role in the class struggle in the period that opens before us.