Free all anti-COP 21 demonstrators now! No more police State!

NPA, November 29th at 6 PM, Paris

The climate justice demonstration gathering 5,000 people is being brutally repressed by the police. Using tear gas and clubs, making tens of violent arrests, the goverment did not hesitate to go all out in order to stop the demonstrators from opposing the COP 21 Conference. The government allows remembrances of the November 13th victims, sports events, concerts, etc, to be held but represses demonstrations. The government is not concerned with protecting the demonstrators but with implementing its policies.

 EDF (the formerly State-owned electricity company), BNP Paribas (one of the biggest banks), Air France (the formerly State-owned airline), GDF Suez (the formerly State-owned gas company), all of them sponsors of the COP 21, are among the biggest polluters worldwide. Dictators from around the globe are welcomed with honors by Fabius (Foreign Affairs minister) and Hollande, but the people who want to protest for a better world are being repressed. The November 13th attacks revealed a world in decay. Change the system, not the climate! Stop the polluters, not the demonstrators! 

Hundreds of anti-COP 21 demonstrators are currently surrounded and being massively arrested by the police on République Square in Paris. Among them are NPA spokespersons Christine Poupin and Olivier Besancenot, and several dozens of other comrades from the NPA, Alternative Libertaire and Ensemble. These arrests are proof that the special measures stemming from the state of emergency are effective not against ISIS's terrorism but against all those who exercise the most fundamental right of demonstration. While the heads of States will be meeting tomorrow in Paris at the COP 21 Conference, all those who do not want to let them decide of the fate of the planet and humankind are being repressed. After targeting environmental activits with house arrests and searches yesterday and the day before, today they are being arrested while demonstrating. No more police State! Free all demonstrators arrested in Paris.